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Denise Sonnenberg is the Social Media Dot Connector, coaching you to Connect with Your Target Audience by developing your Social Media Marketing Strategy.

A little story on social media monitoring

First the background: I have been looking for a dining room rug for a long, long time. I don’t really want to spend a lot of money, as in the price of a unique, one-of-a-kind hand-tied, piece of art for the floor. But, I kind of was hoping for something better than a raffia throw-me-away-next-year [...]

Expand the Awareness of Community Colleges and Build a Culture of Philanthropy

It’s time for community colleges to utilitze LinkedIn to help their students, while helping themselves and their Foundations. The more points of contact between things, be it a spider web in a corner, tree roots in the ground, or ways people are connected with one another, the stronger the bond. The Foundation depends on the relationships [...]

7 Lessons for Running a Facebook Contest

Do you hold contests for your fans or implement them for your Social Media Clients? If Facebook promotions and contests are in your future, you may want to consider these thoughts I had after my experience as a contest participant. Recently I was on the other side of the Social Media Contest fence. I [...]

How to Build an Email List

How to Build an Email List It’s no secret. Today without a growing email list your business is handicapped. Doors will open for you faster when you have the power of a loyal subscriber base behind you. You can work joint ventures with others who are in a similar arena, but are not direct [...]

9 Expert Email List Building Tips

  It can take some time to build up your email list, but it will be worth it. So take a little effort to give your readers a good reason to subscribe to your emails. Make your offer a gift. Here are 9 Expert List Building Tips for you to get started with. 1. Send [...]