Best of 2012 Social Media Predictions

Being willing to write down your thoughts of the future of social media takes a little bit of guts. You need to have an eye on the past trajectory  and the future convergence of culture and technology. And it still has a little bit of the Wild West in it: Hard to tame. That [...]

Blog Candy: Finding Quality Photos Reasonably Priced (or Free)

And Learning How to Place the Artist’s Attribution in Your Article One thing you will see in almost every article on increasing readership for your Blog is advice to include an eye catching photo that relates somewhat to the title. If you are creating a piece with a short tutorial, using an illustration or [...]

Setting up Google Alerts and Google Reader

Google Alerts is a valuable tool which allows you to be emailed when a new match comes up for a specific search term. You can set up as many alerts as you are willing to track. Your own personal name is one that should be set up, especially if you are using your name [...]