Getting Back on Track with Blogging

It happens to all of us. Life gets out of control for a while and we neglect the very things that bring us new business. How do you reverse that spiral? I was personally caught in this trend of Blog Neglect this past month. New clients, travel, vacation, and a web conference or two [...]

How Can You Learn About Social Media?

Your children have a Facebook Page, your Drycleaner tweets his pickup van location on Twitter, and your Dentist sends you email subscription updates from their Blog. Why are you not using Social Media to promote your Business? It’s too hard, too complicated, too time consuming? And how can you find out what it is you [...]

Managing Your Email Contact List and Adding to It

Most marketers will tell you your company is only as good as its Email List. How do you manage your contact list and customer relationships in the most efficient manner if you have a small business? There are a number of Autoresponder Companies which allow you to put an email opt-in box on your [...]

Triberr Helps You Broadcast Your Blog Articles

Triberr is a new service that I’d heard about but just investigated today. I’m so impressed. Triberr lets you set up Tribes, or groups of your fellow Bloggers who automatically send out links to your Blog articles when they are posted. This increases your reach by up to seven-fold. The number of Tribe members is [...]

Know When to Thrown in the Towel

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, things just don’t work out the way you had planned. Knowing when to quit and move on can be crucial to your success. I’m  usually dogged in my determination to finish something I have started. And I will generally go to great lengths to learn the inner [...]