Gamification, The Demise of Soaps, and the Flintstones

What do all these things have in common? They were all topics of conversation after the LinkedOC appearance of Gary Vaynerchuk last night. Gary is on tour for his latest release The Thank You Economy, released March 8th. Controversy As usual Gary spoke passionately about issues in Social Media and had some thought provoking comments, [...]

You Gotta Have Heart. Or At Least Your Blog Posts Should.

To connect with your audience you need more than good information. You need a connection. Your Blog needs heart and soul. I recently took a little break to decide what direction I wanted my Blog to take. I was putting out what I felt was valuable information but it was missing something. Who did [...]

Magnetic Posts That Bring Readers

Bringing readers to your blog is one issue. Getting them to actually read your posts is another. The trick can be as simple as making your articles easy to scan. People don’t have time to read all that is written today, between blogs, news, magazines, white papers and research. So if you want to [...]

5 Answers To: Why Blog?

Blogging helps you establish yourself and your company as an expert in a specific field. When you post daily on your blog you are sending out messages that educate your readers so that they know what you do, how you think, and what problems you can help them solve. Here are 5 things you [...]