Getting the Most from Facebook’s New Metrics

Do you have a Facebook Page for your Business, Organization, or Personal Cause? You may have noticed a new number showing up in the left column recently. It will say “Talking About This” with a number below that. And it will look like this: You may have wondered where this number comes from and what [...]

What Happened to My Klout Score?

Yesterday Klout changed their algorithm and many people who watch their score seemed to be taking big dives of 10-20 points. This happened basically in the wink of an eye. My informal polling seems to indicate that for everyone mentioning a score change about 15 went down vs 1 that went up. And whether you [...]

No more room for Facebook friends? Now People Can Subscribe to Your Feed

Wow. Great news for those who have maxed out the 5000 friend limit on Facebook and can no longer get Friend Requests from new people in their lives. Facebook has just introduced a Subscribe Feature which will allow people to read your News Feed without being a Friend. Most of these people have Facebook “Fan” [...]

Facebooks New Sharing, Tagging and Privacy Options

Facebook has introduced new controls for privacy, sharing and tagging. After I went through the Facebook tour that is provided, I thought there might be some added detail about some of the settings that are available. When you update your status now you will have the ability to control who can see your posts. [...]

How Can You Learn About Social Media?

Your children have a Facebook Page, your Drycleaner tweets his pickup van location on Twitter, and your Dentist sends you email subscription updates from their Blog. Why are you not using Social Media to promote your Business? It’s too hard, too complicated, too time consuming? And how can you find out what it is you [...]