Can You Game Facebook’s EdgeRank System?

A group of women I work with has banded together to create a Tribe of like-minded Entrepreneurs with the intention of improving their Facebook Page likes and increasing their Social Media outreach. For the past few weeks, 3 times per week, one of their Facebook pages is featured and posted by all the group’s members, [...]

Gamification, The Demise of Soaps, and the Flintstones

What do all these things have in common? They were all topics of conversation after the LinkedOC appearance of Gary Vaynerchuk last night. Gary is on tour for his latest release The Thank You Economy, released March 8th. Controversy As usual Gary spoke passionately about issues in Social Media and had some thought provoking comments, [...]

Getting Your Posts Viewed on Facebook

For the past few weeks I’ve been working with a group on Facebook that is only using Facebook and YouTube to market itself. It is a Women’s Group and their current product is a Tour of meetings in 7 cities in the United States. The project is an exciting one and I think they [...]

Set Up Your Facebook Landing Tab Now!

Who out there with a business doesn’t want Fans giving them Raving Testimonials for their product or service? If the only person who knows about their kudos is the receptionist who checks the mail and email, what good are they? If you are involved in the B2C market, you will want to utilize your [...]

Using the iPhone to Call Facebook Group Members

Admittedly, I am an iPhone neophyte. I’ve had 3 iPhones since the week they first were out. But I work from the home office, and it is always in the room that I am not. So I use the land line most of the time because there are 6 of them and I can [...]