Best of 2012 Social Media Predictions

Being willing to write down your thoughts of the future of social media takes a little bit of guts. You need to have an eye on the past trajectory  and the future convergence of culture and technology. And it still has a little bit of the Wild West in it: Hard to tame. That [...]

Need More Traffic? 4 Ways Video Can Help Your Marketing

1. Start Collecting Video Testimonials About Your Business  Video can convey emotions far deeper than the written word. When someone uses your product or service and likes it, ask for a video testimonial on the spot. You can use something as simple and easy as a Kodak Zi8 Video Recorder. This comes with its [...]

Quick Response (QR) codes

This article was originally posted in Nov 2010. I have added an updated link that I feel is important at the bottom. So today, I am teaching myself another new trick. I saw this interesting article on describing QR (Quick Response) codes and what the potential uses are. On Facebook all I do [...]