Why an Email List is Paramount to Your Business

As you read my Blog you may notice one thing. As I run up against an issue and need to find a solution I blog about it. The great benefit to you and my other readers is that I speak from experience and write about what I find to be the best answers to [...]

6 Best Places for the Email Opt-in Form on Your Blog

When it comes to learning the Blogging territory and craft of writing and self-promotion, lots of big names in Social Media are worth listening to: Gary Vaynerchuk, Chris Brogan, Brian Solis, Guy Kawasaki,  among others. I tend to favor the information I get from the women in the industry: Amy Porterfield, Mari Smith, Kate Buck [...]

How Do Companies Use Social Media [Infographic]

  Most times a picture can tell you more than a 30 page report. Here is a visual representation of statistics pulled together from several reports by Brian Solis, RH Smith, University of Massachusetts, eMarketer.com, and BloggingPRWeb.com. Thanks also to The Chris Voss Show for the link. Buffer

9 Examples of Successful Use of Pinterest for Marketing

Here are a couple links to articles which showcase some of the top Pin Boards on Pinterest. The lesson here is how they are using Pinterest for their business. They are adding Pin-it Buttons to their website, Pinning articles to their boards that have eye-catching appeal, starting Boards for their customers to share Pins of [...]

5 Ways of Bringing Traffic to Your Pinterest Pins & Boards

Part 3 of a Four Part Series on Pinterest Just like any other internet based information, Keyword rich descriptions on Pinterest will allow your Target Market to be able to find you. And I’m not yet seeing searches in Google that bring up results with Pinterest postings. So the important things to remember when you [...]