Best of 2012 Social Media Predictions

Being willing to write down your thoughts of the future of social media takes a little bit of guts. You need to have an eye on the past trajectory  and the future convergence of culture and technology. And it still has a little bit of the Wild West in it: Hard to tame. That [...]

18 Twitter Tips for the New Tweeter

When I mention using Twitter to many business owners I generally get the same expression. That kind of scrunched up face that says “Ewww! Not Twitter. Not me!” Many people were initially turned off from using Twitter as a means to generate business by seeing people post things that seemed totally inane during its [...]

What Happened to My Klout Score?

Yesterday Klout changed their algorithm and many people who watch their score seemed to be taking big dives of 10-20 points. This happened basically in the wink of an eye. My informal polling seems to indicate that for everyone mentioning a score change about 15 went down vs 1 that went up. And whether you [...]

Easily Add Photos to Your Twitter Stream

Now you can easily add photos to your Twitter stream directly from the Twitter application. In the past, you could post a link to an image, or you could use a third party application to upload a picture. The links would take you to another window where they would be visible. Now a small image [...]