5 Ways of Bringing Traffic to Your Pinterest Pins & Boards

Tips for Pinterest TrafficPart 3 of a Four Part Series on Pinterest

Just like any other internet based information, Keyword rich descriptions on Pinterest will allow your Target Market to be able to find you. And I’m not yet seeing searches in Google that bring up results with Pinterest postings. So the important things to remember when you want to expand the reach of your Pinterest posts are:

  1. Make sure the photo is of something your key audience will react to favorably. You want them to click on the photo to find out more about it. Liking it will share it to Facebook, which is good in a way. But the photo size that is shared on Facebook does not show much detail, so it would truly attract a very niche audience who can interpret the topic from a glimpse of a small photo there. And remember that Liking things goes to your Profile on Facebook, not your business page. Another reason to use your Facebook profile mostly for business purposes.
  2. Remember that everyone who reshares or Re-Pins your Photos (which should be links to articles or other information on your blog) can change the comment that they post the photo with. This means that the Topic Name of your Pin Board could be critical in getting across your message to anyone who sees it after it has been re-pinned.
  3. One photo on a board will likely not bring the traffic you are looking for. It will be lost in a sea of whiteness. You will need at least 5 or more articles with photos that your Target Market will want to Follow to stay in touch for future updates on the topic. They can choose to Follow everything that you publish or just one Board and Topic. Make sure that if you are using this for business that your Topics are in congruity, or that they relate to each other. You are likely to be unsuccessful if you have a Board of Rose Photos with a Board of Motorcycle Parts.
  4. Think about your Target Market Avatar (see this download and article for more info) and what kinds of things they are attracted to. Pinterest could likely be a great place if your market is home-schooling Moms, who like yoga, healthy eating, DIY (do it yourself) projects and like to fantasize about the clothing and furnishing they can no longer afford. But you will need to know your market very well.
  5. Consider getting a subscription to a Stock Photo service. I know groups of women who have joined together to buy credits at some  of  these Stock Photo services to get a better per picture rate. I wouldn’t suggest this unless you knew the other participants well, but it could be one option if you have resisted paying for photography in the past. The quality of your picture will be paramount to your success here. Don’t skimp on it.

As this Social Networking Channel matures, I’m sure that there will be new twists and turns to be aware of. Good luck staying on top of things and be sure to keep watching Social Media Dot Connection for the latest information in this arena.

Post your comments below about Pinterest and your experience with it.

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