6 Best Places for the Email Opt-in Form on Your Blog

Old Mail Box on orange plaster wallWhen it comes to learning the Blogging territory and craft of writing and self-promotion, lots of big names in Social Media are worth listening to: Gary Vaynerchuk, Chris Brogan, Brian Solis, Guy Kawasaki,  among others. I tend to favor the information I get from the women in the industry: Amy Porterfield, Mari Smith, Kate Buck Jr. and Denise Wakeman. Their advice just seems to resonate better with who I am as a business person.

Recently I listened to a webinar with Denise Wakeman and Vrinda Normand during the Irrestistible List Building Summit. Denise’s portion of this 2 week event was by far the most valuable to me. I actually listened to it a 2nd time just to catch everything she said. Now that I’m writing this article, I may be listening a third time!

My next goal for my Blog and Social Media outreach is to grow my Email Opt-in List. So I was all ears when Denise discussed 6 critical places to have a great Opt-in Form that draws in the subscribers. She also talked about other ways to increase your visibility, but I’ll leave that for her to explain herself.

Maximize Your Blog Real Estate

You are the one who owns your blog domain and the pages on your website. Make sure you are using the space on those pages to their full potential. Here are 6 Places to put your opt-in form. This is not a either/or selection. This is Multiple Choice. Put your forms in all possible places listed below.

1. Add a Feature Box on the home page of your Blog. A Feature Box is a large box at the top. You want them to go here before they see anything else. The Generate WordPress theme which uses the Genesis platform is one with the Feature Box built-in. This could be an easy way to incorporate one.

2. The Top of your Sidebar. Typically you want this on the right, but left is OK if this is the format you are using for your Blog. You’ll see this one on every Page on my Blog in a bright blue which stands out from the other coloring of my Blog.

3. The Bottom of every blog post. If they read your whole post they are interested enough to subscribe to your RSS Feed and get email notifications when you have added new information.

4. Put it in the Footer of your blog, but a different opportunity. Segment your list so that those opting in for different reasons get information that is specific to their interests.

5. About Page. This is probably the most important location on your blog for a special offer or subscription form. Add this one first.

6. Controversial Pop-up Windows work. The results have been proven in studies. You may want to consider a plug-in that creates a Pop-up in the bottom right corner of your blog articles. It might be best to test which type and location of Pop up work for your particular audience and Blog topic. Here is a screen capture of one I recently saw.

Where are you using Opt-in Forms for Email Capture? Let me know of any plug-ins for your WordPress Blog that have been successful for you.

You’ll notice that I have yet to incorporate these suggestions in my Blog. Well fear not, I will be working on these ideas over the next couple days, so you should be seeing them in action if you stop back to check on things here at Social Media Dot Connection.

And this article is the First in a Series on Email List Building, so check back often or subscribe to my email list here:


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