9 Examples of Successful Use of Pinterest for Marketing

Screen Shot of Whole Foods Pinterest Board

Here are a couple links to articles which showcase some of the top Pin Boards on Pinterest. The lesson here is how they are using Pinterest for their business. They are adding Pin-it Buttons to their website, Pinning articles to their boards that have eye-catching appeal, starting Boards for their customers to share Pins of their successful and creative use of their products, and even using Pinterest for Customer Service!

You might think that only companies with a Brick and Mortar business or a Cute Retail Product will benefit from the more visual nature of Pinterest. I’m seeing reports daily about service businesses with Blogs getting outrageous traffic to their sites from well placed articles.

Use Topical and Trending Keywords in Your Headlines

The first instance I heard was a friend who posted a well-timed and topical Blog article during the Super Bowl. She tied in her subject with the Hot News of the Day – the Game. Her report of her Pinterest Success: “I’m curious how many of you have tapped into the promotional possibilities of Pinterest? I’m just getting started, but I pinned a photo from my own blog post and saw 42 visits in just a few hours time. The post was Super Bowl related (yes, the subject and timing were strategic), and the photo links back to my post. ”

Quoted from Angie Lynch of A Whole Lot of Nothing on another Successful Pinning: “Recently, a post Casey published on Babble garnered nearly 200,000 hits in a matter of a few days from Pinterest. The pin below of a photo Casey took of our friend Emily’s baby on a bookshelf went crazypants on Pinterest (asshat commenters not withstanding, or maybe as a result of?). As of the publishing of this post, the pin has over 500 likes and over 1800 re-pins. That can mean a major traffic boost for Casey’s post from which the photo was pinned.” See her article linked above for the full story and some other great case studies.

Warbly Parker is an Eyeglass Retailer on Pinterest. The company reports that 11% of their internet traffic is coming from Pinterest vs. 18% from Twitter. When you look at their Boards, you’ll see only one is truly devoted to their product photos.

Hubspot’s 7 Examples of Brands that Pop on Pinterest mentions that even somewhat industrial businesses like GE, delivery business Peapod, and vacuum maker Oreck have found great ways to connect with their customer base on Pinterest.

And while Publishing Houses understand (or should) intrinsically how to connect with Pinterest, brands like Grocer Whole Foods and Furniture Retailer West Elm have found a huge following for their boards.

Screen Shot of West Elm Pinterest

Think Differently! How can you apply this information?

  1. As I mentioned in an earlier article, PAY ATTENTION to your blog photography! Choose something Pin-worthy. It might be time to buy a subscription to a Stock Photography site if you aren’t a photographer yourself.
  2. Reach out to others and use the Tagging feature in the comments you post. Using an @sign before their user name will send them a notification that you have mentioned them in a Pin.
  3. Make sure the post you are pinning links to quality information. Don’t just put up  a pretty picture and quit there.
  4. If your product is in a photo, make it blend in with the right atmosphere, like Chiobani Yogurt. Chiobani shows food and links to recipes made with their products.
  5. Run a contest, like this one from Loom Decor that has people pinning things to design their favorite room.
  6. Look at the most followed brands on Pinterest and emulate  or adapt their style to your product line.  Read this Mashable article on the brands on Pinterest who are doing things right.
  7. If you are a Content Provider, take a clue from Magazine Publishers, like Real Simple. Their goal is to post information that will attract their Target Audience and gain them new subscribers. You’ll see similar information in their printed works.
  8. Use Pinterest Boards for Focus Groups for your Company Products. Run some ideas up the Flagpole and see who salutes, or Re-Pins.

Hope this gives you some ideas of places to start looking. Be sure to read my other articles in this 4 Part Series on Pinterest

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I’d love to hear any other success stories you know of with Companies and People using Pinterest successfully to bring more traffic to their other Social Media channels and sales to their business. Please let me know in the comments below.

I would also be really interested in hearing who you thinking is crushing it on Pinterest.


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