Best Advice for a Productive New Year

We live in an ADD world. In order for something to catch and hold our attention it needs to be louder, funnier, or more shocking than the last thing you saw moments ago.

It’s easy to be distracted with all this noise constantly going on in the background. You may head forward with the best intentions to do something that will improve your health, your wallet, or your business and end up doing something totally different.

Recently I read 2 great articles by Marc and Angel Hack Life

30 things to Stop Doing to Yourself, and its compliment, 30 Things to Start Doing for Yourself. Great ideas for those of us well-intention, newly motivated New Year’s revelers. Marc’s top 5 (paraphrased) are:

  1. Be around good people
  2. Don’t hide from “issues”
  3. Be honest with you
  4. Put yourself first
  5. Be yourself
All of these are habits that will eventually make you a better, happier, more balanced person. And if you read the entire 30 suggestions and carry them out, you’ll be right up there with Mother Theresa in no time (in personal characteristics, not in Heaven).

With many of us making long lists of goals for the New Year, I thought I should share the best advice I have gotten on making forward progress on my goals.


And here is an easy method for determining where to put your Focus:

  1. Go ahead write your long list of Musts, Shoulds, Wants, Needs, and Have Tos.
  2. Then go through and prioritize them.
  3. Once you are clear on the 5 most important for you life, right now: Write them down in LARGE type.
  4. Make several copies.
  5. Put a copy in your bathroom sink area, by your desk, near the refrigerator. You know the places you spend a relatively large amount of your time.
  6. Then, and this is the hard part. Only take actions if they relate to the top 5 goals on your list.

That’s it. A simple prescription for getting things accomplished.

This has worked so well for me for the past couple years, I’m working on this year’s priorities right now.

Go ahead and write down your number one priority in the comments! There is power in writing things down and putting them out to the world.

Happy New Year!

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