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Last week I joined a group of 20 kindred souls on Facebook. People who are setting goals to take their business to the next level, but need just a nudge from someone to make sure that the truly desired result is achieved. We each publish our goal for the week on the Group’s Page on Facebook. The members of our Accountability Group encourage each other to complete the tasks each of us has committed to.

What do I mean by Truly Desired Result? It boils down to the intention for your goal. So if your goal is to lose 1 lb this week, the Truly Desired Result may be to Be Healthier, or Fit in your new Christmas outfit  after all the holiday merriment left it a little snug. Sometimes what we write down as a goal may not lead to our desired effect. All of the members of this group are working to increase their internet presence to become known as a leader in their field. It helps that all of us are focused on the same general target. I’m sure that other’s actions will inspire us toward greater heights.

So my Accountability Goal for this past week (which ended last night) was to input a list of Blog Headlines into a spreadsheet. I had heard in a recent interview with Kristi Hines of that she keeps a spreadsheet that she uses to manage her blog topics. This made sense to me. The only issue was that the headline list I thought I had already created was either in my dreams or lost in some notebook or other. I needed to start from the ground up again.

I had an article on writing eye-catching headlines that I refer to in my recent Better Blogging: 5 Quciks Tips That Will Get Your Articles Read. I had read through these suggestions and a number of other similar articles. I had even scribbled down a list of generic topics that I thought I would like to work on. But when I looked at the list again, it didn’t do anything to inspire me to write even a sentence. I figured I might need a different approach. [Understatement]

This time I took out a notebook and scribbled the Months at the top of 12 Pages. Then along the side I wrote in M W & F for each of the weeks in the month. My intention is to have enough quality content to draw in readers, and writing once a week as I had been was not cutting it anymore.

On another sheet I wrote types of topics I know my audience of Business Owners learning to use Social Media will be interested in reading. Time Savers, New Tools, SmartPhone apps, How To’s, Breaking News, Industry Training & Conferences, and Lessons I’ve learned from the Experts I am following. Once I had these Themes for each month, I could easily list a topic for each of the days I plan to write an article. I originally planned the first 3 months, but after getting the juices flowing again I had topics enough to last until June of this year. And some of them are more time sensitive that others so I may be moving them around again.

So now the real fun begins: I am entering these topics into a spreadsheet by date I expect to publish them. On the far right side I have copied examples of Headline formulas suggested by experts like ProBlogger’s Darren Rowse and CopyBlogger’s Brian Clark. The next step will be to craft an interesting headline for each of these, making sure that I include Keywords that I would like to rank for in Google. And of course make sure that the Headline describes and matches the intended article subject.

Maybe after I get this completed I will offer a copy of it as a free download on my website Social Media Dot Connection. Stay tuned! Or better yet, sign up for my future email notices. I’ll be sure to let you know when I make this available.

The important thing to note in all of this is that I might have let this slide by until next week, next month, next quarter, but by having an accountability group I was motivated to just spend that little bit extra time that was necessary to accomplish this by this morning’s deadline. Thanks to my Buddies and to Stacey Myers who set up the group as an offshoot of Mari Smith‘s Social Media Inner Circle.

If you have any issue staying focused on your goals or being distracted from your targeted projects, find an accountability group that will keep you on course. If I get enough response on this from interested parties I will start a Group on Facebook for anyone who is  interested.

Gotta run. I’ve got a lot of headlines to write today.

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