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Everyone who has a business, service, product, or organization can benefit by creating and using Facebook Pages. I have been playing with my own Facebook Page —Social Media Dot Connection for over a year. Truthfully what I ended up with for a while is a jumbled mess of tabs that don’t do anything effectively. So here is a list of suggestions for you to consider when you are first setting up your Page which will help you get the most Likes.

Set Up Your Facebook Page

You can access the link to set up your page from the bottom of any page in Facebook. It says “Create a Page“.

Name your page with some descriptive words, not just the name of your product or company. Use Keywords in the title. If you are an Author, Speaker, or Coach use your own name in the title. Think about your audience. Make the title something that will draw them in, not talk about how great you and your product are. Remember your earlier research on this. What are you going to do to make their lives easier? Convey this message in your Title.

Get a Profile Graphic Made for the Sidebar

The dimensions for this are 180 pixels wide x 540 pixels long. You can create something yourself in Photoshop, Illustrator or other graphics program that will allow you to save as a .jpg or .png. Or you can have someone make one for you.

Have a Professional Photo Taken

If you are branding yourself, it is important to use one image across all platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube.

List Your Website on your Personal Profile and your Business Page

Fill out the Info section of your Personal Profile with links to your blog, website, and your contact information. You may want to establish a Google Voice phone number instead of listing one of your own. A P.O. Box is also a good idea if you are working from your home address.

Link your Page to your Facebook Profile under Employer in the Info Section

Once your Facebook Page is complete, you can add a link to it in your personal profile under the employment section. To do this go to Account Settings, Employer and type in the name of your page. This is one of the easiest and most important steps you can take to promote your Page. This makes it easy for those who know your name to find your Page, and will increase the number of Likes you get.

Invite your Friends to Like your Page

Once you have a collection of posts that have value, either from your Blog articles or from the Blogs of others, suggest your Facebook Page to friends and invite them to Like your page. I had resisted this for a long time. It wasn’t until I was involved in a group contest to boost my Page that I took this action and I was able to add 10% to my new Page Likes within a couple days.

Get a Custom User Name for your Page

Once you have 25 fans or more, you can go to and edit the URL for your Page. This shorter name is much easier to use when sending a link out to promote your page further. There are groups on Facebook that are set up expressly for the purpose of getting you over this 25 Like hump. One is called 25 Likes.

Develop a Special Fan Offer, Contest or Survey for Landing Page

People need to be enticed to Like your page in most instances. Offer them something in return. And make it very clear when they first get to your Page what the benefit to them is for this action. This can be a coupon, exclusive content,a video, an ebook, or many other things. Look at some other Fan Pages to find out what others are offering that seems to suit your business. There are now many software programs that can help you with this. And remember, if you hold a contest it needs to be developed on a 3rd party application.

You may want to read this article by Mashable if you are considering giving anything away: 4 Things You Need to Know When Planning a Social Media Contest.

Some applications that can create Landing Pages which are acceptable for use for your contest are: North Social, Lujure, Wix, Short Stack, Wildfire, IWipa and several others. Most of these have a free/Fremium level, and a paid level with advanced features. Here’s an article review of some of these mentioned here from All Facebook: 7 Killer Apps for Building Tabs on Facebook.

Create a Landing Page with a Call to Action

Provide specific requests for things you would like them to follow. Examples are to Like your Page, fill out an email form, or download a Special Fan Offer for Liking the page. The graphic need to be 510 pixels wide for Facebook Landing Tabs.

Link to Blog Articles that Support your Ideas

If you see an article that is posted that relates to your business you can follow the link, copy the URL and then post this as a Link on
your business Page. If you click share,  you can now choose to send it to your personal profile, your page, or any group you belong to.

Post as Your Business Name

This is a great way to get exposure for your Page on other Facebook Pages that have similar Audiences.

Click on Account in the top right hand menu on Facebook. The second item in the list is “Use Facebook as Page”. Click on this. If you
have multiple pages a list of all pages you administrate will appear. Select “Switch” by the page you would like to post as. This will allow
you to comment or post using the name of your Page, instead of your personal name. When you do this a link to that page shows up.
Having the name of your page show up in your friends NewsFeed is like a mini advertisement for it.

Post Something Daily

Create a List of Tips you can post for your fans.
Post one tip a day for 30 days.
Use Hootsuite to Schedule these. (Tweetdeck is another management tool). It is best generally to post only a few times a day or you will end up having people Unlike or Hide your feed.

What Questions do you have about making the most of your Facebook Page. Post them in the comments and I’ll be happy to help answer them.

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