Getting the Most from Facebook’s New Metrics

Do you have a Facebook Page for your Business, Organization, or Personal Cause? You may have noticed a new number showing up in the left column recently. It will say “Talking About This” with a number below that. And it will look like this:

You may have wondered where this number comes from and what it applies to. Here’s a quick explanation of the statistic. This number comes from a week over week accounting (the last 7 days) of how and how many people are taking action as a result of your Page. This includes these specific activities:

  • Liking a page
  • Posting to a page’s wall
  • Liking, commenting, or sharing a page’s status update, photo, video, or other content
  • Answering a question posted by a page
  • RSVPing to an event hosted by the page
  • Mentioning the page (users must formally tag the page)
  • Tagging a page in a photo
  • Liking or sharing a check-in deal, and
  • Checking in at a place

You can read the full article from here:

Analytics Firms Incorporate New Facebook Page Insights

Now you also may wonder what you can do to increase the activity on your page so this number increases over time. I have come up with a strategy that seems to be working for Page Admins that I have been observing. One that I have noted who is particularly successful with this is Christine McLeod of Impact People Practices. In fact, it was her consistent comments and replies on my page Social Media Dot Connection, that caught my attention in the first place and had me wondering what I needed to do to make it work as easily as possible for my own Page.

This is what I have come up with. First it is important to do two things: Choose a few pages that are in your broad target area. For me, this was businesses that have a Facebook presence and might like to learn more about Social Media and the new software, info, and techniques that I post links to on my Page. Then, switch to Posting as Your Page and like these Pages (like them again if you have previously Liked them using your personal profile).

Now, still using Facebook signed in as your Page, go to your Page(s) and click on Home. This will bring up a wall of posts from those whose Pages you have liked as your Page. You will see a running commentary similar to your personal Wall. With one exception. The Wall will now show only those Pages you have Liked while you were logged in as your Page.

Go down the list of posts from those whose Pages you have liked and Comment on those as appropriate. Considering the new metrics of those who are “Talking About” Pages, it might be a nice gesture to also @tag the name of the Page in your comment, or to Share certain posts that are related to your Topic on your Page Wall.

Doing this on a regular basis will show you are interested in a business and its Page. This is a great way to build community on your Page, because it is very likely that other Page owners will respond to your Comment or your Share.

Do you comment on other Pages while using your Page identity to increase awareness of your business? What has your experience been since you have tried this method of increasing Followers and Fans of your Page?




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