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For the past few weeks I’ve been working with a group on Facebook that is only using Facebook and YouTube to market itself. It is a Women’s Group and their current product is a Tour of meetings in 7 cities in the United States. The project is an exciting one and I think they can really make an impact.

With a base of almost 15000 fans using just Facebook and YouTube seems like a good plan that is working well for them. Who needs a Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, or an Email List with that much success already? It’s just more work right?

On closer look though, here is a further question to be considered: Does this group really connect with 15,000 people daily with their posting from their Facebook Page? Very possibly not. This is why: Facebook’s algorithm for News Feed posts, or “EdgeRank“, favors the posts for which the user has the highest engagement quotient. What this means is that unless all of those 15, 000 women are going to the page each regularly and posting, clicking the Like button or making comments on the posts, this Women’s Group may not be showing up regularly in their own News Feed. And most Facebook users never click on the link to at the top of their profile pages that show the most recent activity. Without looking here many are missing all the fantastic information that is being so lovingly posted for them to see and react to.

This slide from Webtrends Facebook Masters Training on Advertising on Facebook shows how severe this missing post situation can be:

Slideshare from Facebook Masters Training Webtrends


Many of these fans are women business owners. They appreciate that they can post a link to their own page or blog on this Hub page. But do they do more than that? My instinct says not often enough, and my research of the postings bares this out. The Hub is under-utilizing techniques that give them the ability to connect with the very women who are their fans.

So are the fans truly aware of this fantastic tour in 7 cities? How does this group insure that as many of them as possible are aware of it and sign up to attend if they are able to be there?

My Social Media Suggestions

Here are my suggestions for a better functioning marketing plan for this wonderful endeavor.

  1. Set up a LinkedIn Group. Many women business owners are active on LinkedIn. This is another place that they can see the Facebook Postings. LinkedIn also will let you publish event details, which is another way to get the word out about it. Because LinkedIn can be searched more easily by location, many of the women who are joined by interest can find out if they are also local to one another. It creates another bonding point.
  2. Set up a Blog and invite their Facebook Fans to Guest Blog on this site. Guest Blogging is a great way for women to promote their ideas and businesses and also bring more traffic to the blog. When they have invested the time to write a blog post, they will be likely to send out the link to it via email or their own posting on Twitter and Facebook.
  3. Set up a Twitter account and a #Hashtag for each of the 7 cities on their tour. This will allow people to connect with one another and also promote their tour to followers of those who are at the Tour events. You can search for a specific hashtag on Twitter and see all the people who are posting with it. This is generally a good indication that they have been at the event or are at least interested in it, and have things in common with you.
  4. Set up an Event Page for each of the Tour dates. Events on Facebook allow you to invite people to participate. When anyone clicks on Attending this will post on their own profile and allow their friends to see they are interested in this event.
  5. Set up a “FanGate” or a “Welcome” tab on the Fan Page which new users are taken to before “Liking” the page. The Welcome tab should have an opt-in box that will capture the emails of new fans. This email list can be used later to contact fans with information on Tour dates, new YouTube videos, and other important information. This is also an insurance policy, if anything were to happen to the Facebook page and it was discontinued due to changes in policy or direction.

Are you utilizing all the available avenues to bring people to your cause or product? Everyone utilizing Social Media seems to have a favored application in which to spend their time and communicate or make new connections. Make sure you are going where your audience is.

Let me help you with this. Ask me how you can be more engaging and how you can integrate your Social Media accounts with one another. I’ll be happy to help in the comments section below.

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