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As I mentioned in Part One of this Four Part Series on Pinterest, Why You Should Add Pinterest to Your Social Media Mix, the demographics for Pinterest are:

“the biggest age groups are between 25 to 44, 60% of its users have some college and largest percentage of household income is between $25 to $75k.”

If you find yourself with a Target Market that fits in this spectrum, there are some things you’ll need to be aware of when you are posting to Pinterest. With Pinterest’s user base growing exponentially as it has over the past couple months, expect these demographics to change. It has been 20% Male, and I’m sure that has changed dramatically in the past month alone.

  1. You will want to ultimately be driving traffic to your blog. So post a great eye-catching photo with a blog article on your web site.
  2. Make Sure the Photo you post has a Keyword Rich Title that relates to your Article as a Comment in Pinterest.
  3. Make sure the blog article has a call to action somewhere on the same page, and preferrably within the article itself. Examples of this are, “Sign Up for my Email Newsletter”, “Click here to purchase” “Help us with our customer interest Survey” or “Click here for further information about our products and services”.
  4. Add a “Pin It” Pinterest Button to your Blog. Click here for more information.
  5. If you are posting an affiliate link, be sure to use a link shortener first before posting the photo on Pinterest.
  6. You have the ability to post a photo directly from your desktop or phone to Pinterest. Don’t do this. When someone clicks on it the link will take them to a screen with a photo only. This will do you absolutely no good in adding to your blog traffic.

The most important thing to keep in mind when posting a link to Pinterest, is that ultimately people will want to click on the original link. When they do this, they will be expecting more information about the photo. If you can give them information about the photo as it relates to your business and your products or services you will be on your way to new clients, not just more Blog Traffic. But first the photo and the comments must entice them to want to know more.

In the past photos for your blog articles could be something you added just for clarification of the topic, or a little eye candy for your blog. Now the photos will be increasingly important in conveying a message and a story about who you are and what your company’s services will do for them.

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I’ve seen a lot of great articles about Pinterest in the past couple weeks. Let me know if you have seen any others that you would recommend reading in the Comments section below.

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