How To: Troubleshoot Your WordPress Blog

Troubleshooting WordPress

Although there are still a few holdouts, had the majority of the serious and professional blog business and much of the website business these days. is similar, not as full-featured, and considered to be for the blogger that is more of a hobbyist.

Once you get your domain name and go through the process of uploading the latest version of WordPress to it, you will realize that you have only just begun. While you can use one of the many themes available for WordPress, even the best of them will still need customization. Widgets, Column layout, and Plugins are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating a functional blog for the sake of marketing.

What do you do when you need WordPress help?

Many times you can do a Google or YouTube search that will point you to a solution. But finding the answer to your question may sometimes take a little hunting. Over the past couple years I have some across WordPress training resources and forums that have been a huge help to me when I find myself in a jam. I’ve summarized the best ones below.

Sometimes if you start with the source you’ll find the info or a friendly helper who can lead you to the solution:

Site Design and Layout « WordPress Codex

Users Associations are another source of expert information:

WordPress Users Association – 

Wptuts is one of the sites the Geeks I know depend on:

WP101 Basix Training | Wptuts+

Good source for beginners with no idea where to start:

WordPress Training Videos

WordCamp Conferences are held nationally. An archive of some of the sessions:

Dummies is a misnomer. Most books and tutorials are well written and explained:

WordPress For Dummies Cheat Sheet – For Dummies

If you need help right out of the gate, here’s Kikolani‘s list of Blog Resources from Kristi Hines:

70+ Resources on How to Start a WordPress Blog

And before you call it a day and say you’re finished, check this list to see if there is anything you missed:

WordPress The Complete Install Check List

I’m sure there are other fabulous websites available to help the foggy-brained fix their WordPress Blog. If you know of any I hope you’ll comment below and give us a hint where to look for your favorites.

Image Credit goes to: QFamily from Flicker Creative Commons.

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