Need More Traffic? 4 Ways Video Can Help Your Marketing

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1. Start Collecting Video Testimonials About Your Business 

Video can convey emotions far deeper than the written word. When someone uses your product or service and likes it, ask for a video testimonial on the spot.

You can use something as simple and easy as a Kodak Zi8 Video Recorder. This comes with its own editing software, or you can use iMovie if you have a Mac. If you have a SmartPhone with Video capabilities, this can be used as well.

You can edit it right on the phone with the addition of an application like Video Editor. Apple iMovie is also available as an app. People will respond to the less than professional quality in a favorable way. They will be assured that your testimonials were from real people and not created by a Mad Men agency. Keep a recording device handy.

2. Create a Screen Capture Video 

If you have a service or product that involves using the computer, use a Screen Capture Software such as Camtasia for PC or ScreenCast for Mac to produce a tutorial video. But any type business can create a Powerpoint presentation and capture that on video with an audio explanation. Just keep it short.

3. Make a Product Demonstration Video 

Does your product have features and benefits that need to be explained? Shoot a quick overview of these. Make sure it is short and sweet if possible. If the subject warrants it, you can upload videos that are 10 minutes in length to YouTube. Anything longer will need to be stored on another server and linked via your website or email communication.

4. Feature Expert Interviews 

Is there someone who has a favorable industry reputation that will carry weight and can lend your product or service their credentials? Ask them to be interviewed on their thoughts on how this will fit into the industry and how it can help others.

Are your experts in another location and can’t travel to you? Set up a Skype interview and capture your screen on Ecamm. This will allow you to broaden your pool of available resources for this kind of expertise. It will also shorten the time involved in creating the video.

Video is the future of marketing. YouTube has recently made changes to its platform to make it more Social. You’ll want to get your own channel created for your business, if you don’t already have one.

How else do you use video in your Social Media Marketing? These ideas just touch the surface and I’ve seen some very interesting and creative uses recently. I’d like to hear what you are doing in the comments below.

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