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This article was originally posted in Nov 2010. I have added an updated link that I feel is important at the bottom.

So today, I am teaching myself another new trick. I saw this interesting article on Mashable.com describing QR (Quick Response) codes and what the potential uses are.

On Facebook all I do to bring in a link is click on the Attach Link box on my Page and instantly the teaser for the article comes up with the headline and a thumbnail picture. Easy-peasy. I’m going to link it to my blog instead.

Quick Response codes are a small scannable label that can be used on almost anything. Out in the real world, armed with a Smart Phone anyone can find more information about an item they come across and find interesting. I can see that items commonly used as props for trade shows, parties, and other events would be a prime choice for this type of application. It’s all about product placement.

Think about this, you are at an event that is staged with items from all over. You see the perfect item for your home, office or next party. You pull out your smart phone and scan the QR code. It gives you a link to find out who the manufacturer is, how much it costs, and lets you purchase it as you stand there. Wallah!

So here is the more descriptive article on QR codes and I’ll let you figure out how they might enhance your life or your product sales:

Why the Best Online Marketing May Be Headed Offline

by Hamilton Chan

Hamilton Chan is CEO of Paperlinks and Paperspring. Through its iPhone app and QR web platform, the just-launched Paperlinks platform makes context-sensitive marketing plug-and-play for small, medium and large businesses.

UPDATE: Tracking Your QR Codes in Analytics

Something that I just found out and wanted to make note of in this article: Excerpt from

Tracking QR Codes in Google Analytics — Easy as Pie by Christina Keffer

After you create the URL, plug it into your favorite URL shortener. Why should I? You may ask. It’s true, it does add another step to the process, but it’ll be well worth your while. See, the more characters a url has, the more information needs to be imbedded in the QR Code. This means that the actual QR Code ends up being much more dense, for lack of a better word. That means it’ll be harder for a mobile device to scan it.





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