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Who out there with a business doesn’t want Fans giving them Raving Testimonials for their product or service? If the only person who knows about their kudos is the receptionist who checks the mail and email, what good are they?

If you are involved in the B2C market, you will want to utilize your Facebook Fan Page to build momentum with Testimonials, Questions, new developments, and anything your Sales and Marketing department has been doing on their own to promote your good name up until now. Your Business Page is a terrific opportunity to find out more about your customers and what they like and don’t like. Every business that wants more sales needs to do this.

But once you have this Page established, what do you do with it? What is the best way to get people to click on the Like Button and become a Fan?

Most Social Media experts will advise you to put together a Special Offer, a Discount, or some other perk for new fans. And the best way to get their attention is to have a custom Landing Page with this offer. You can select any of the “tabs” for a new fan to view when they first come to your page. (Facebook just did away with the actual tabs at the top of a page, but the menu is now located under your picture.)

7 Easy Steps to Your Awesome Facebook Landing Page

1. For the next couple weeks (until March 11, 2011) you can still add a Landing Page using the Facebook FBML application. To do this click on edit info on your Business Page. Go to the Applications menu in the listing on the left hand side of your page under your profile photo

2. Click on the Static FBML box on the right that says “Add App”. Click on the link that says Go to App.

3. Name Your Tab. Something like Welcome or Special Offer.

4. Create a graphic for your special offer and add it to your WordPress blog in Media. Create a new page and use this graphic.

5. Click on the HTML tab in the edit page box and copy the code.

6. Go back to your FBML box in Facebook and post the code you have just copied. Click Save Changes.

7. Click on Manage Permissions and select the name of this new App Page that you have just installed. This makes it the Default Landing Page for your Business.

There are quite a few video tutorials on this FBML process that are available now. Next we’ll discuss this same process using the iFrames application, which is available now. iFrames takes a little more coding to add your page, but there are already numerous companies who are customizing the process so that it is easier to deal with.

Three that I have knowledge (and trust in) are Fan Page Engine, Free Fan Page Templates, and Get 10,000 Fans. I’ve linked to their Facebook pages below.


Free Fan Page Templates

Get 10,000 Fans

Additionally you can do a search in YouTube and look for videos. Since iFrames are a little more complex than FBML, it will probably be best to watch a video versus, reading a list of instructions.

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