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Triberr is a new service that I’d heard about but just investigated today. I’m so impressed. Triberr lets you set up Tribes, or groups of your fellow Bloggers who automatically send out links to your Blog articles when they are posted. This increases your reach by up to seven-fold. The number of Tribe members is initially limited to 7.

To be able to use Triberr, you must be invited. And of course you would want to be selective. You’ll want to find friends and associates who Blog about the same general topics on a regular basis. It will help if they have a good following for their work, but this is not limited to subscribers to their Blog. It will help if they have a relatively large Twitter following and number of Facebook Friends or Fans.

Honestly, since I have just found out about this today, I haven’t used the service myself yet. But I’m working on getting an invitation very soon. The fact that you can increase the number of potential eyeballs for your Blog is very enticing. And the number of this increase could be staggering depending on the collective number of connections your Tribe members have.

Another feature is “Bones” or credits for sending out links for others in your Tribe. One use of Bones is to extend the number of members of your Tribe.

Are you working with Triberr yet? Would you like an invitation?

Comment below and let me know what you blog about and maybe we can create some great tribes right here. And if you write about Social Media, especially from the Women’s Viewpoint, I welcome the opportunity to link up with you on Triberr!

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