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As you read my Blog you may notice one thing. As I run up against an issue and need to find a solution I blog about it. The great benefit to you and my other readers is that I speak from experience and write about what I find to be the best answers to these Social Media conundrums.

This month my major push has been to expand my email subscription list. I’m researching, investigating, asking experts, attending webinars, and just generally looking for the most effective ways to grow my email list for Social Media Dot Connection. Here are some of the reasons why you will want to grow your list too.

Benefitting from Your Email List

E-mail marketing has many advantages over general marketing:

  1. Reliability Email is still the most reliable manner to reach some group or audience with relative surety. Whether the email is actually read will depend on you. But if someone has requested a subscription to your list, your email message and article links are likely reaching their inbox.
  2. Cost Effectiveness  E-mail marketing is inexpensive, yet very effective when compared with other forms of marketing such as banner ads or pay per click advertising.
  3. Credibility  You are able to build up credibility and a personal relationship with your customers.  They can tell over time from the articles or newsletter brief that you send how knowledgable you are on your particular subject. You can also provide them with useful information and entertainment as well as simply selling to them
  4. Awareness  You are marketing to people who have asked to receive information from you, or who have already bought from you.  This is your opportunity to educate them on other services or products they may not know you have. When a customer has bought from you once they are more likely to buy again and will be willing to spend a larger amount.
  5. Availability So many people have SmartPhones now and check their email on the go. Get to them when they are out of the office and have a little more time to look at your information.

Don’t Purchase an Existing List

Of course it is still possible to purchase a list of e-mail addresses and start your marketing campaign with that, this practice has some serious disadvantages.

  • Waste of Money  The customers on that list may have no interest in your product.  For example, if your target market is parents, every member of your bought list that doesn’t have children will be a useless contact. Many lists are outdated and worthless.
  • No Personal Connection  Customers will be much less responsive if they have never heard of you, and have not specifically asked to receive information from you. Also, if you have grown your list organically through word of mouth, the chances are that those on the list will know each other is much higher. It is always better to have Social Proof on your side.
  • Potential for Being Listed as SPAM  Most people now have some type of junk mail filter on their e-mail and if you send unsolicited messages they will undoubtedly end up in there without ever being read.

What Do You Get From Having Built Your Own Email List?

Having your own e-mail list enables you to market to a very specific audience, which gives it an advantage over general marketing. The members of your list are aware of your services or product and have opted to receive information from you. It’s best if you use an Email Service Provider who sets up a Double Opt-in to make sure those entering their info desire more information from you.

The audience on your list is:

  • Well-targeted
  • Responsive
  • Permission-based

If you want success from your Email Campaign, start with a good source of information first. That would be a list that is interested in hearing what you have to say or offer.

You’ll undoubtedly hear this a gazillion times in the course of learning how to use Social Media to Market your business: People Buy from those they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST. Start your list with this kind of customer or potential customer and you will be much better off in the long run. Ideally you will end up with a list of customers that trust you, are happy to take recommendations from you, and consider you an expert in your field; a source of valuable information.

What kind of Email List questions do you have for me? This is the first in a series that will likely go through the next month, so I’ll be happy to add your answers in to my upcoming articles.

And by the way… Have you subscribed to my email list yet? I’ll be sending out a monthly newsletter with links to all of the articles. Be sure you don’t miss any.

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