Why You Should Be Adding Pinterest to Your Social Media Strategy

With it’s meteoric rise in online subscriber minutes, Pinterest has definitely entered the ranks of serious Social Media platforms. Of course, with any new darling getting lots of press, some of it has been negative lately. The statistics and feedback I am seeing lately indicate you should enter with your eyes wide open, but don’t wait there on the sidelines any longer. Plunge in now!

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media site that allows registered users to “Pin” or link to luscious photos that they are attracted to. Right now this is the first rule: Pin something visually stimulating (but not offensive). This may change as the user base expands and more people use their Pin Boards as advertising platforms. But right now the types of photos that are being shared, or Re-Pinned, are those with pops of colors, good lines, mouth-watering foods, and lots of outrageous shoes. Whatever your interest, Pinterest is likely to deliver quite a list of Pins if you search for specific Keywords.

When these photos are clicked on by a viewer, the photo generally will link back to another site or blog and give you further information on it. Take Food Shots for example. Clicking on a cupcake should take you to a recipe, or instructions on how it was created. Or Amazing Shoe photos may take you to an online, or brick-and-mortar retailer where you can purchase said artistic fete. Architectural interiors and exteriors may link to a realtors page with a listing to buy, or a magazine article showcasing an interior designer and their work.

What is Changing Now With the Types of Things Being Pinned?

Lately though, things are beginning to twist a little. Friends and associates of mine in the Social Media Marketing field are reporting relatively huge traffic spikes going to blog articles that may have nothing to do with shopping, eating, or decorating. Legitimate numbers have been logged with a decent, catchy title and a photo of a recent book release. I saw another report about clicks on a SuperBowl article on SuperBowl Monday. Here is a direct quote from Catrina Vargas-Cormell of Hungry,

“I’m curious how many of you have tapped into the promotional possibilities of Pinterest? I’m just getting started… but I pinned a photo from my own blog post and saw 42 visits in just a few hours time. The post was Super Bowl related (yes, the subject and timing were strategic), and the photo links back to my post. “

This Blogger was not alone in their discoveries of a new traffic source. Discussions like this are sprouting up all over inside Facebook Groups dedicated to increasing traffic with Social Media.

What Are the Current Demographics?

So who can you expect to be noticing these Pins of yours? Francisco Rosales of Social Mouths had this to say in his recent article on Pinterest, Pinterest: Everything You Need To Know Is In This Massive Post:

“the biggest age groups are between 25 to 44, 60% of its users have some college and largest percentage of household income is between $25 to $75k.”

My guess is that with all the new users flowing into Pinterest this demographic will get older and wealthier very soon. Right now I would be checking the statistics monthly to see who the subscriber base is there.

One Caveat

One thing you do need to be aware of is Pinterest’s use of SkimLinks for affiliate sites such as Amazon. If you are in the Affiliate business, you will need to use work-arounds for your links, such as using a link shortening service like bit.ly to post your links to money generating products.

This is the first of four articles in a Series on Pinterest this week. My next article will detail some specific examples of How Pinterest Can Drive Traffic to Your Blog. And be sure to come back to read:  5 Ways of Bringing Traffic to Your Pinterest Pins & Boards and, Examples of Successful Use of Pinterest for Marketing.

And as an experiment I’m going to post this article to Pinterest and report on the traffic results I get from that link. Stay tuned for more!

And Happy Pinning!

Let me know if and how you have used Pinterest for your blog traffic in the comments below. And ask away if you have other questions on using Pinterest at all. And be sure to Like our Facebook Page for Social Media Dot Connection up on the right of this page.




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