You Gotta Have Heart. Or At Least Your Blog Posts Should.

Heart by qthomasbower

To connect with your audience you need more than good information. You need a connection. Your Blog needs heart and soul.

I recently took a little break to decide what direction I wanted my Blog to take. I was putting out what I felt was valuable information but it was missing something. Who did I want to reach? What is my Target Audience? How could I connect with them more deeply.

When you are writing you don’t have the ability to look someone deeply in the eyes and reassure them that you know what they are going through. That you understand their pain. This gives new meaning to the saying “one picture equals 1000 words”. I had to remind myself to connect with the women like me who are starting their own businesses without a blank checkbook to rely on. People who want to make a difference. Those who are doing this not just for an income.

I had to risk rejection because I was going to bring things to a more personal level with my writing, which for me was a much more comfortable style than just churning out How Tos and Informative lessons on Social Media. I needed to connect with entrepreneurs the way I do when I talk to them in person.

Here’s what I decided:

  1. I always was considered a good writer. But what I was known for was my narrative stories.
  2. I need to narrate stories about Social Media that Women can relate to.
  3. I need to write like I talk, using a more conversational tone, instead of the marketing speak that had been infused into me after many years in corporate America.
  4. I needed to keep in mind the feelings and issues women like me have when they are wading through the jungle of social media, newest apps, thousands of experts.

And I needed to make them smile.

So before you send out another marketing-speak blog post, stop and think; “How I am going to connect with the people I am writing for?”

One answer: sometimes this requires getting up in the middle of the night when I have a flash of insight, and writing it down before I go back into a dream and forget it in the morning.

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