9 Expert Email List Building Tips

  It can take some time to build up your email list, but it will be worth it. So take a little effort to give your readers a good reason to subscribe to your emails. Make your offer a gift. Here are 9 Expert List Building Tips for you to get started with. 1. Send [...]

Blog Candy: Finding Quality Photos Reasonably Priced (or Free)

And Learning How to Place the Artist’s Attribution in Your Article One thing you will see in almost every article on increasing readership for your Blog is advice to include an eye catching photo that relates somewhat to the title. If you are creating a piece with a short tutorial, using an illustration or [...]

Better Blogging: 5 Quick Tips That Will Get Your Articles Read

1. Write Your Headlines First I’ve heard this tip over and over, but I never really used it until today. I didn’t really have an idea for a specific article, but I’d just been reading CopyBlogger’s 52 Headline Hacks pdf. And as I read through all the examples, I realized this is something that I [...]

Know When to Thrown in the Towel

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, things just don’t work out the way you had planned. Knowing when to quit and move on can be crucial to your success. I’m  usually dogged in my determination to finish something I have started. And I will generally go to great lengths to learn the inner [...]

You Gotta Have Heart. Or At Least Your Blog Posts Should.

To connect with your audience you need more than good information. You need a connection. Your Blog needs heart and soul. I recently took a little break to decide what direction I wanted my Blog to take. I was putting out what I felt was valuable information but it was missing something. Who did [...]