Better Blogging: 5 Quick Tips That Will Get Your Articles Read

1. Write Your Headlines First I’ve heard this tip over and over, but I never really used it until today. I didn’t really have an idea for a specific article, but I’d just been reading CopyBlogger’s 52 Headline Hacks pdf. And as I read through all the examples, I realized this is something that I [...]

Getting Back on Track with Blogging

It happens to all of us. Life gets out of control for a while and we neglect the very things that bring us new business. How do you reverse that spiral? I was personally caught in this trend of Blog Neglect this past month. New clients, travel, vacation, and a web conference or two [...]

Triberr Helps You Broadcast Your Blog Articles

Triberr is a new service that I’d heard about but just investigated today. I’m so impressed. Triberr lets you set up Tribes, or groups of your fellow Bloggers who automatically send out links to your Blog articles when they are posted. This increases your reach by up to seven-fold. The number of Tribe members is [...]

You Gotta Have Heart. Or At Least Your Blog Posts Should.

To connect with your audience you need more than good information. You need a connection. Your Blog needs heart and soul. I recently took a little break to decide what direction I wanted my Blog to take. I was putting out what I felt was valuable information but it was missing something. Who did [...]

5 Answers To: Why Blog?

Blogging helps you establish yourself and your company as an expert in a specific field. When you post daily on your blog you are sending out messages that educate your readers so that they know what you do, how you think, and what problems you can help them solve. Here are 5 things you [...]