Blog Candy: Finding Quality Photos Reasonably Priced (or Free)

And Learning How to Place the Artist’s Attribution in Your Article One thing you will see in almost every article on increasing readership for your Blog is advice to include an eye catching photo that relates somewhat to the title. If you are creating a piece with a short tutorial, using an illustration or [...]

Need More Traffic? 4 Ways Video Can Help Your Marketing

1. Start Collecting Video Testimonials About Your Business  Video can convey emotions far deeper than the written word. When someone uses your product or service and likes it, ask for a video testimonial on the spot. You can use something as simple and easy as a Kodak Zi8 Video Recorder. This comes with its [...]

Better Blogging: 5 Quick Tips That Will Get Your Articles Read

1. Write Your Headlines First I’ve heard this tip over and over, but I never really used it until today. I didn’t really have an idea for a specific article, but I’d just been reading CopyBlogger’s 52 Headline Hacks pdf. And as I read through all the examples, I realized this is something that I [...]

6 Considerations for Organizing Large Projects and 2 Software Options

When you undertake a large project with many facets to consider, it is crucial to develop a plan or outline of your desired outcome. This could be a book you would like to write, a major overhaul of products, a Social Media campaign, a new product launch, plans for a major remodel, or even [...]

Can You Game Facebook’s EdgeRank System?

A group of women I work with has banded together to create a Tribe of like-minded Entrepreneurs with the intention of improving their Facebook Page likes and increasing their Social Media outreach. For the past few weeks, 3 times per week, one of their Facebook pages is featured and posted by all the group’s members, [...]