Better Blogging: 5 Quick Tips That Will Get Your Articles Read

1. Write Your Headlines First I’ve heard this tip over and over, but I never really used it until today. I didn’t really have an idea for a specific article, but I’d just been reading CopyBlogger’s 52 Headline Hacks pdf. And as I read through all the examples, I realized this is something that I [...]

Setting up Your Facebook Page for Success

Everyone who has a business, service, product, or organization can benefit by creating and using Facebook Pages. I have been playing with my own Facebook Page —Social Media Dot Connection for over a year. Truthfully what I ended up with for a while is a jumbled mess of tabs that don’t do anything effectively. [...]

Can You Game Facebook’s EdgeRank System?

A group of women I work with has banded together to create a Tribe of like-minded Entrepreneurs with the intention of improving their Facebook Page likes and increasing their Social Media outreach. For the past few weeks, 3 times per week, one of their Facebook pages is featured and posted by all the group’s members, [...]

Managing Your Email Contact List and Adding to It

Most marketers will tell you your company is only as good as its Email List. How do you manage your contact list and customer relationships in the most efficient manner if you have a small business? There are a number of Autoresponder Companies which allow you to put an email opt-in box on your [...]

Triberr Helps You Broadcast Your Blog Articles

Triberr is a new service that I’d heard about but just investigated today. I’m so impressed. Triberr lets you set up Tribes, or groups of your fellow Bloggers who automatically send out links to your Blog articles when they are posted. This increases your reach by up to seven-fold. The number of Tribe members is [...]