How Do Companies Use Social Media [Infographic]

  Most times a picture can tell you more than a 30 page report. Here is a visual representation of statistics pulled together from several reports by Brian Solis, RH Smith, University of Massachusetts,, and Thanks also to The Chris Voss Show for the link. Buffer

5 Ways of Bringing Traffic to Your Pinterest Pins & Boards

Part 3 of a Four Part Series on Pinterest Just like any other internet based information, Keyword rich descriptions on Pinterest will allow your Target Market to be able to find you. And I’m not yet seeing searches in Google that bring up results with Pinterest postings. So the important things to remember when you [...]

How Pinterest Can Drive Traffic to Your Blog

As I mentioned in Part One of this Four Part Series on Pinterest, Why You Should Add Pinterest to Your Social Media Mix, the demographics for Pinterest are: “the biggest age groups are between 25 to 44, 60% of its users have some college and largest percentage of household income is between $25 to $75k.” If [...]

Finally! Facebook Pages Get Timeline Format

What a wonderful greeting from Facebook this morning when I visited my Page Social Media Dot Connection. Facebook has announced that March 30, 2012 business Pages will be converting to the new format and design. You have the option to make the changes now and publish your Page to be seen as I have in the photo [...]

Why You Should Be Adding Pinterest to Your Social Media Strategy

With it’s meteoric rise in online subscriber minutes, Pinterest has definitely entered the ranks of serious Social Media platforms. Of course, with any new darling getting lots of press, some of it has been negative lately. The statistics and feedback I am seeing lately indicate you should enter with your eyes wide open, but don’t [...]