18 Twitter Tips for the New Tweeter

When I mention using Twitter to many business owners I generally get the same expression. That kind of scrunched up face that says “Ewww! Not Twitter. Not me!” Many people were initially turned off from using Twitter as a means to generate business by seeing people post things that seemed totally inane during its [...]

Easily Add Photos to Your Twitter Stream

Now you can easily add photos to your Twitter stream directly from the Twitter application. In the past, you could post a link to an image, or you could use a third party application to upload a picture. The links would take you to another window where they would be visible. Now a small image [...]

Collaboration: The First Rule in Social Media

Let’s face it. You won’t get far in Social Media circles without a little cooperation from those in a similar niche. We all need to work in collaboration with others to get seen and noticed. Especially when we are first starting out. There are a number of tools online that can help. But it also [...]

Triberr Helps You Broadcast Your Blog Articles

Triberr is a new service that I’d heard about but just investigated today. I’m so impressed. Triberr lets you set up Tribes, or groups of your fellow Bloggers who automatically send out links to your Blog articles when they are posted. This increases your reach by up to seven-fold. The number of Tribe members is [...]